I was given the opportunity to create a T-Shirt for private organization in Ohio a few weeks ago.  They had a vision and I was able to help them to fulfilled that vision.  The ASL sign the organization wanted doesn’t have a English word but it has a meaning of deeply loved or passion about something.  The design illustrate the sign for it.  The design is expressing the love of American Sign Language as well being proud of being a ASL user.

All the fund will go back to ASL Community.  I support that idea since I’m a proud ASL user as it is my primary language.  At the same time, the money will be used toward to providing a workshop, one-on-one educating, or helping families have a good relationship with their children who are deaf.

If you’re interested in purchasing this shirt, you can visit Route 66 Promotion, St. Louis Deaf-Operated Business, website, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your support in advanced.

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